Alice Balestrino

Title: Ph. D. Student


Institutional Affiliations: Sapienza – Università di Roma

Alice Balestrino is PhD candidate at “Sapienza” University in Rome where she studies American literature. Her research focuses on contemporary fiction; she investigates post-Holocaust historical literature trying to read the narrations of American traumas (the Vietnam War, 9/11) through this lens. She works against the background of trauma studies and memory studies. She is interested in the works of Jonathan Safran Foer, Michael Chabon, Philip Roth, Viet Than Nguyen, Don DeLillo – to name only very famous names. She is also interested in post-modernism, graphic novels and cultural studies. She is a founding member of the Sapienza Graduate Forum Committee and she periodically writes literary reviews for L’Indice dei libri del mese.

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