Lorenzo Coratti

Title(s): M.A. Student

Email: lorenzocoratti@gmail.com


M.A. student, Bologna University (Forlì)

Brief Description:

I am a M.A. student in International Relations and Diplomatic Affaires at Bologna University, Forlì campus. I got a BA in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University of Rome – “La Sapienza” and I’m currently writing my master thesis on the origins of the Alt-Right.

During these years at University, I took part in several projects, such as: Model United Nations, in New York, an Internship at the DGCOMM of the European Parliament, learning social media management; an Anti-Terrorism and Anti Money Laundering course issued by SIOI (UNA Italy) and a Summer School at IBEI, in Barcelona, on Global Politics, Development and Security. I am a full member of World Youth Academy and Young Ambassador Society. Both organizations are aimed to spread European consciousness within European citizens and networking among international relations students.

In my spare time I love cooking (American and Italian recipes!), watching Mel Brooks movies and volunteering.

Areas of interest
US History, US Foreign politics, Alternative-Right, Far-Right movements

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