April 2019 – CFS: New Call for Submissions – 2019

The USAbroad Editorial Committee is pleased to announce that our call for submissions of articles is now open.

USAbroad is the first Italian academic journal published annually by an editorial board of early-career scholars and entirely dedicated to the study of U.S. history and politics. The journal sets out to offer the occasion to international postgraduates and early career scholars to publish innovative and ground-breaking academic research.

We invite articles, written in English, that investigate any aspects of U.S. history and politics: social, economic and intellectual developments, relations of gender, race and class, foreign policy, international relations, history of policies and institutions. The journal pays specific attention to recent historiographical trends, in particular global, transatlantic and Atlantic history, and to multidisciplinary approaches which successfully intermingle history with social and political sciences.

Please visit our website to submit your article. You will need to register as an Author and follow our five step procedure. Please make sure you follow the Author guidelines and read our Editorial Policies. Once submitted, your article will undergo a double-blind peer review process with external reviewers. If accepted, you article will be included in the second issue of the journal. The issue will be split into two parts, the first originating from a Call for Papers circulated early in 2018 and dedicated to nationalism in the United States (you can access the CFP here), the second with no overarching theme. You have time until April 2019 to submit your article, and we ensure that — if accepted — the article will be out before the end of October 2019.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Editorial Committee (at usabroad@unibo.it) if you have any questions.

15/03/2019 – HCA master in American Studies

What, when & where

The Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) invites applications for its newly designed four-semester Master of Arts in American Studies (MAS) program.

The MAS is an interdisciplinary program taught in English and aimed at qualified graduate students from Germany and around the world. It provides students with in-depth knowledge about the United States of America from an outside perspective.

The curriculum includes classes in human geography, history, literary and cultural studies, political science, economics and religious history. The unique design of the MAS gives students many opportunities to choose an individual configuration for their course of study, including multiple combinations of disciplines. Individual study plans may concentrate on disciplines from the humanities or the social sciences, or combine both. MAS students benefit from both excellent academic teaching by internationally renowned scholars and an interdisciplinary approach that meets the needs of professional and academic careers. Leggi tutto “15/03/2019 – HCA master in American Studies”

15/03/19 – Washington, DC. 6 postdoc fellowships at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

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04/03/19 – Short fellowships “Women’s History Institute of Historic Hudson Valley Summer Research”

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01/03/19 – Marjorie Harding Fellowship on Thoreau

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15/03/19 – Antiquarian Society summer school “The Political is Visual.”

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01/03/19 – Summer School “Making Modernism: Literature and Culture in Chicago, 1893-1955”

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15/01/2019 – Clements Library research fellowships for US archives pre-1900

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Call for applications AISNA Graduates 2019.

Tu vuò fa’ l’americanista
Ma si’ nato in Italy?

Le attività di AISNA Graduates quest’anno si sono strutturate, moltiplicate e rafforzate. La squadra attuale, organizzata in diversi gruppi, sta lavorando alla programmazione 2019, che si preannuncia già intensa. Perciò di seguito troverai le call for applications per entrare a far parte del comitato organizzativo di AISNA Graduates Forum.

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