Edoardo Frezet

Email: edoardo.frezet@gmail.com

Institution: CRHI – Université de la Côte d’Azur

Position: Ph.D. Student; DCCE (teaching)

Short bio

Born 1988 in Turin, I achieved a BA in Nice, France, and a MA in Turin – both in philosophy, yet with strong historical interests. Since then I worked in various domains (sports teaching, insurances, IT) before starting a Ph.D: once more in Nice, once more in philosophy. My project is more about political history than philosophy: I investigate the cultural nation building of the U.S. during the XIX century through the life and works of Francis Lieber, German émigré; this allows to keep an eye to the foreign influences and the deep interdependencies between the two continents.
In my spare time I play Ultimate frisbee with the Turin team, and I am among the founders of the cultural association AIR – Atelier Ideas & Research for young researchers in social sciences. I love bikepacking.

Personal or professional website:

Atelier Ideas & Research

Research tags:

political philosophy, transnational history; XIXcentury  U.S. history.

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