31/07/2019. Call for papers RSA 2020 “Renaissance Echoes: the Afterlife of a Myth”

cfp rsa 2020 narcissus

What, when & where

Call for papers (panel): Renaissance Echoes: the Afterlife of a Myth for the RSA 2020 conference in Philadelphia.

Among literatures, arts, philosophy, and psychology, the mythological figure of Narcissus has become a common topic of interest; quite the opposite can be said of Echo, the nymph sentenced by divine law to repeat fragments of another’s voice. Yet, in the original Ovidian myth, Echo plays a remarkable role that frames the whole Narcissus’ episode.

This panel aims at exploring Echo’s mythological echoes in Renaissance literature, art, theater, and music from different perspectives:

• Translations, receptions, reinterpretations of the Ovidian myth;

• Echo voices in the pastoral genre;

• Echo as rhetorical and musical device;

• Echo as form of intertextual reference/literary allusions;

• Echo as the embodiment of the lyrical subject or of the author’s voice.

Deadline & how to apply

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers on (but not limited to) the above-mentioned topics. Please send abstracts with paper title (maximum 150-words-long), a short bio, your affiliation, keywords, and general discipline area to the organizers, Giulia Cardillo (cardilgx@jmu.edu) and Simona Lorenzini (simona.lorenzini@yale.edu) by July 31st, 2019.


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