30/06/2020 – call for papers “Cities in a changing world: questions of culture, climate and design”

What, when & where

CFP for a hybrid virtual and in-person conference. Themes include social history, participatory planning, gentrification, urban development. Zoom and Pre-recorded presentations possible.


Place: Virtual / City Tech, CUNY, New York
Dates: 16-18, June 2021

The premise of this conference is that the city is a site of interconnected problems and solutions operative across disciplines, both today, and in the future. While issues of architectural design, urbanization, resilience, housing and healthy cities all respond to their own unique and independent demands, they are also interrelated. As a result, innovations in one area are useful in another.

This conference suggests that the host city, New York, offers a perfect example of the interconnected urban phenomena.

In recent years the city has been subject to environmental disasters, has led on affordable housing, developed new healthy city initiative, and was the focal point of the Coronavirus epidemic in the United States. It is a perfect example of how complex health and social issues intertwine in the city.

Deadline & how to apply

Early Abstracts: 30 June 2020

Other info, Links & conditions


Public Health | Housing | Sociology | Geography | Sustainability | Urbanism | Architecture | Planning | Governance
FORMATS: In-person, pre-recorded presentations, skype, written papers.
PUBLISHERS: Routledge | UCL Press | Cambridge Scholars Publishing:
Organizers: City Tech | CUNY | AMPS | PARADE | Routledge | UCL Press


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