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call for contributions comparative american studies


call for contributions for Comparative American Studies: An International Journal.

The CAS journal was established in 2003 to extend scholarly debates about America within and beyond the geographical boundaries of the United States, repositioning discussions about American culture explicitly within an international, comparative framework. As new editors, we want to encourage scholars from all disciplines and periods to think about submitting their work to CAS.

At this time of increasing globalization there is a growing need for American Studies to be re-articulated in a comparative manner: that is to say, first and foremost taking account of interactions between the USA and other parts of the world, whilst also fully attending to multi-ethnic comparisons within the USA. The special need for developing international comparison is acknowledged in the USA itself as well as throughout Europe and worldwide; indeed, there is increasing academic interest within the American Studies community in the United States in the development of perspectives on this area of study from outside the USA’s borders. The events of September 2001 in New York City and Washington DC have brought home even more sharply how the destiny of the USA must now be understood in relation to global networks rather than simply domestic politics.

The main disciplines covered in the journal are: literature, film, popular culture, photography and the visual arts. Attention is also given to history, the social sciences and politics, particularly insofar as these fields impact on cultural texts.

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Please contact either Rachael McLennan ( or Thomas Ruys Smith ( We’re also now on twitter:  More information available here:

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