17/4/2020 – CFP: Queer Sites in Global Contexts: Technologies, Spaces, and Otherness

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What, when & where

Queer Sites in Global Contexts: Technologies, Spaces, and Otherness is a new collection of research edited by Regner Ramos (University of Puerto Rico) and Sharif Mowlabocus (Fordham University), which will be published by Routledge. It explores the multiple ways in which LGBTQ+ spaces and identities are reconfigured, performed, and contested through the technologies and spatial politics of diverse cultures. The book draws together work from a broad range of disciplines and showcases a variety of cross-cultural perspectives that foreground the experiences of LGBTQ+ people living and moving through the Caribbean, Europe, Northern and Central America, Asia, and the Middle East. The thirteen chapters that constitute this edited collection form a critical intervention into ongoing discussions regarding LGBTQ+ placemaking, politics, and technology use at both a local and global level.

Queer Sites is under contract with Routledge and twelve of the contributors are in the final stages of preparing their manuscripts.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who has original research that explores the relationship between “otherness” (migrants, non-white identities, indigenous populations, non- normative, and differently-abled bodies, etc.), digital technology (social media, apps, web- based platforms, etc.), and geographic space. We are open to different interpretations of these three terms.

Most specifically, we are seeking a contribution that situates its research within AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, or OCEANIA. Our book is global in both its approach and its geographical focus and we are looking for a piece of research which addresses the physical, cultural, and/or geographic specificities of a particular place/building/locale.

Deadline & how to apply

Chapter length: 6,500 words
Submission of 500-word (max) abstract: Friday 17th April

Submit abstracts and enquiries to: regner.ramos@upr.edu


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