5/11/2021 – CFP: Queer Urban Nights

cfp queer

What, when & where

27/ 28 MAY 2022

Deadline: 5th November 2021

We welcome interdisciplinary proposals at the intersection of sexuality studies and night studies, with a particular focus on urban environments, on the following topics:

the aesthetic, cultural and sexual dynamics of darkness as potential, chaos and transgression
intimacy and the urban night
gender performativity and the urban night
the fabric of the urban night: fashion criticism
sexual violence, sex-work and nightlife environments
the arts of the night: music, performance, urban night-cultures and venues
activism, night-time culture and night-time economy
accessibility and forms of exclusion from the urban night: mediated access / (dis)abled bodiness / agency
urban queer mobilities: migration, transport and their intersections with gender and sexuality
policing the night: surveillance strategies
subverting the night: promiscuity, excess, taboo and spaces of deviance
nocturnal cityscapes: mapping and zoning gender and sexuality
liminal/borderline/fungible urban spaces
queer ecologies: queer spaces as part of the urban ecosystem
sleep and insomnia
the online night

Deadline & how to apply

for these topics, we welcome paper/panel/roundtable proposals (300 words max.) that focus on sexualities, urban life and the night. Deadline: 5 November 2021

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Photo by Gwen Mamanoleas on Unsplash