15/03/2020 – GRANTS: 2 Start-up Grants for PhD in Literary Studies

Start-up Grants of the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies

The Doctoral Program in Literary Studies of the University of Basel calls for applications for two one-year start-up grants of CHF 30,000 (duration: 1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021, in two installments, with evaluation), starting 1 October 2020. These grants are designed to make a contribution to the successful applicants’ cost of living while they develop a PhD project in the area of literary studies. We particularly encourage projects that intersect with the thematic foci (“Basis- und Profilbereiche”) of the Doctoral Program. Furthermore, we strongly encourage all applicants to contact potential supervisors at the University of Basel before submitting their application.

Your tasks

The aim of the start-up grant is to enable young researchers to develop a competitive application for a research grant or research project position and submit it to a funding institution by the end of the first six months. If successful, researchers will continue to work on their PhD thesis supported by third-party funds by the end of the start-up period.


Your profile

A high level of motivation is expected, with the ability to carry out a research project independently over the course of several years as an active member of the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies and to contribute to academic debates both within and outside the Doctoral Program. The grant is intended for graduates who hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification in one or several philologies and who are interested in carrying out research within the fields of study represented in the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies: https://dslw.philhist.unibas.ch/de/forschungsprofil/


Deadline for applications: 15 March 2020


Please supply the following documents electronically (in one single PDF) to the coordinator at the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies, Dr. Dr. Christian Hänggi (dok-lit@unibas.ch):


  1. Letter of motivation
  2. CV (including a list of publications, where applicable)
  3. Outline of the dissertation project (max. 6 pages)
  4. Degree certificate (MA degree or equivalent)
  5. One or two text samples (incl. master thesis or equivalent, max. 30 pages)
  6. Letter of recommendation


Applications can be submitted in German, French, or English. Applicants who are about to complete their studies can apply, provided that they can submit an official graduation certificate no later than 10 June 2020. Applications from doctoral students already enrolled at other institutions or from candidates who already have a PhD will not be considered. Holders of a start-up grant must enroll as PhD students at the University of Basel.


For further information on the application procedure, see the information sheet:


To apply for a start-up grant and admission to the doctorate, an MA diploma average of 5.0 in the Swiss system is required. For other grading systems, please consult our information sheet: https://dslw.philhist.unibas.ch/de/stipendien/

Decision: by the end of June 2020


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the coordinator of the Doctoral Program,
Dr. Dr. Christian Hänggi (dok-lit@unibas.ch).

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