1/3/2020 – CFP: Communicating Memory Matters: Next Steps in the Study of Media Remembering and Communicative Commemoration

What, when & where

Communicating Memory Matters: Next Steps in the Study of Media Remembering and Communicative Commemoration

University of Salzburg, 16-17 September 2020

Confirmed keynote speakers: Karina Horsti (Finnish Academy & University of Jyväskylä), Andrew Hoskins (University of Glasgow), Carolyn Kitch (Temple University), Randi Marselis (Roskilde University), & Anna Reading (King’s College London)

Memory is a communicative affair. Media and the forms of interaction and sensemaking they enable shape the ways people come to connect to a collective past, store personal reminiscences, and return to bygone moments. As such, every new wave of information and communication technology has brought about shifts in mnemonic culture.

The practices and processes of media remembering and communicative commemoration receive an increasing academic attention across disciplines. Our conference addresses this nascent area of inquiry. It calls for contributions that explore the fundaments of communication memory studies in different academic traditions, map corresponding fields of research, and scrutinize analytical perspectives.

The event brings together theoretical and empirical approaches toward the capacity of communication processes and media environments for memory making. Due to the variety of paradigms, we believe that it is necessary to work across disciplines and embrace an international perspective.

The conference is open to research related to questions of memory, media, and communication. And it invites senior as well as emerging scholars to contemplate the future of communication memory studies.

Contributions can address, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

Journalism and the role of journalistic memory agents
Memory and visual communication
Remembering and forgetting in academia, most notably communication studies
Media nostalgia in networked communication
Media witnessing and digital media
New media and shifting forms of memory making
Data, archives, and information retrieval
Memory work in-between the past, the present, and the future
Cosmopolitan and transnational media memory

Deadline & how to apply

Abstracts must be submitted via email (memorymatters2020@gmail.com) by 1 March 2020. Submissions must contain a front page with all information about the author(s) as well as an anonymized extended abstract (max. 500 words excl. front page and bibliographical references).


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