15/01/19. Call for contributions “International Dickinson: Scholarship in English Translation”

emily dickinson call for contributions

Because English is the dominant language in Dickinson studies, the flow of ideas tends tomove in one direction, even while excellent scholarship is published in other languages. WIththe goal of promoting scholarly dialogue across languages and cultures, we invite submissions for a special issue of The Emily Dickinson Journal devoted to translations into English of recent critical work on the poet published in other languages. As Domhnall Mitchelland others have noted, interest in Dickinson’s writing continues to grow in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other parts of the world: currently there are major translation projectsunderway in places like Japan, Taiwan, China, and Brazil. Global interest in Dickinson’swork, however, has surpassed global scholarly communication networks, which tend to berestricted by national and linguistic boundaries.


Deadline for submission: January 15, 2020.

Seeking to represent a nationally diverse range of critical perspectives on Dickinson’s work, the editors invite scholars to submit abstracts in English of no more than 500 words of published, peer-reviewed essays and book chapters published in other languages in the last five years. We will then review the abstracts and extend invitations to scholars to translate their work into English in full or in part for publication in the fall 2020 issue of The Emily Dickinson Journal. To maximize the diversity of the scholarly work presented in the issue, a second section will feature abstract-length presentations of books, chapters and articles. Wetherefore also invite scholars interested in this section to send 500-word summaries of recentpublications or work in progress in the last five years, to be published in abstract form. For athird section, we seek abstracts (250-300 words) of PhD dissertations on Dickinson defendedin the last five years or still in progress. It is our hope that this issue will bring newperspectives to an international readership. The issue offers a unique opportunity forinternational scholars to make their work more widely available, and for English-speaking scholars to enrich their critical perspectives on Dickinson. Please submit abstracts to all 3editors of this issue, Adeline Chevrier-Bosseau (achevrier.bosseau@gmail.com), Li-hsin Hsu(hsulihsin@yahoo.com) and Eliza Richards (ecr@email.unc.edu). Provide the bibliographicalinformation for the original publication or contextual information for the work in progress,along with a short cv.


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