15/06/2019 – call for panelists, ““No Labor-Saving Machines”: Studying C19 in Non-Elite Spaces”

RIAS short fellowship

What, when & where

Call for participants by Rachel Banner for the panel “”No Labor-Saving Machines”: Studying C19 in Non-Elite Spaces” for the 2020 c19 conference to speak to and about the large numbers of us (researchers) doing c19 work from within non-elite institutions and/or precarious academic labor situations.

Format: Short Presentations & Roundtable Discussion

My tentative session title is drawn from one of Walt Whitman’s short poems that speaks to the extreme academic precarity that has, in ways we do not yet fully comprehend, changed our field. To that end, I am seeking participants for a series of short presentations and a roundtable discussion about current labor conditions for the majority of c19 scholars and academic labor organizing. I would like panel members to have a range of institutional affiliations (community colleges, regional comprehensive universities, non-elite liberal arts colleges, prisoner education programs, etc.) and/or employment positions (adjunct, graduate student, postdoc, alt-ac, VAP, independent scholar, labor organization, etc). I welcome proposals about pedagogical and labor practices exploring, for example, how teaching c19 in non-specialist general courses–like freshman composition–ought to change our internal conceptions of both the field and its practitioners. I am also keenly interested in submissions that engage c19 study alongside contemporary labor movements and opposition to the ideological structures that sustain the field’s unsustainable academic job market.

Deadline & how to apply

Please send 300-word presentation proposals and a 2-page CV by June 15th, 2019. Submit questions and proposals via email at rbanner@wcupa.edu. I’ll do my best to provide notifications by the end of July 2019.

Other info, Links & conditions

Feel free to email off-list at rbanner@wcupa.edu with questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


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