Call for Abstracts: Ex-Centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media

Ex-Centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media

The Hellenic Association for American Studies (HELAAS) in cooperation with the Department of American Literature and Culture of the School of English of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece, is launching an electronic multi/interdisciplinary open access, refereed journal with the title Ex-centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media (Ex-Na).The journal addresses academics, scholars and graduate students engaging in the interdisciplinary study of Anglophone literatures, cultures and media and will be published once a year.

Journal Chief Editors:

Dr. Tatiani Rapatzikou (Associate Professor, AUTh)

Dr. Smatie Yemenedzi-Malathouni (Associate Professor, AUTh)

Dr. Theodora Tsimpouki (Professor, University of Athens)


Call for Abstracts


War in Culture

Special Issue


Issue Guest Editors

Joseph Michael Gratale, Professor, The American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Serap Kayatekin, Associate Professor, The American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.


Throughout history, war has played a conspicuous role in relations both within societies and between societies. In its most basic form, war is an organized, collective, violent activity that requires a high degree of social organization. War has been present in practically all human societies and cultures, necessitating the development particular structures, hierarchies, and institutions to facilitate war-making potential and capabilities. Well into the twenty-first century, the social phenomenon of war is as pervasive as ever, and continues to attract public fascination at a variety of levels and in an array of contexts. Individuals and collectivities harness a range of feelings and reactions to war. This issue aims to explore the meanings and representations of war in contemporary cultures and societies. We invite abstracts that explore society’s complex and manifold responses to war, be it: anti-war or pro-war; one of attraction or repulsion; seeing war as a necessity or as problematic; or approaching the topic of war with ambivalence. Topics may include but are not limited to:


  • representations of war in art and literature
  • the ‘theatre of war’
  • war in film
  • images of war
  • war and the Other
  • memories and memorials of war
  • violence, injury, death, and atrocity
  • martial identities
  • media, social media, and digital culture
  • political rhetoric/discourse
  • non-combatants
  • ‘teaching war’ in the classroom
  • children in war
  • landscapes and the environment
  • gender and war
  • war and technology



All abstracts must be received by the deadline of Friday September 15, 2017.

The length of the abstract should be between 150-180 words.

Your abstract submission should include:


  • title
  • author(s)
  • author contact information
  • affiliated institution
  • keywords (4-5)



Please send your emails to:

Joseph Michael Gratale,

Serap Kayatekin,


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