About Us

The AISNA Graduate Forum is a group of early career scholars in American Studies affiliated with AISNA (Italian Association for North American Studies). Our activities are organized by, and aimed at, M.A. and Ph.D. students, Post-Docs, Adjunct Instructors from institutions in Italy and abroad as well as Independent Scholars with an intellectual investment in North American culture, literature, history, and politics. While we value American Studies as a canonical field formation, we also offer spaces that foster innovation to the field. We are invested in engaging with new ways of producing scholarship, with particular attention to interdisciplinary, transnational, and decolonizing work.

Contact us at info@aisna-graduates.online, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For information on membership to AISNA, please refer to this page.

Starting in September 2019, the AISNA Graduates Board will be elected every three years, concurrently with the AISNA Board.

Current Board

Co-Chairs :

Event Planning and Coordination:

Website and media

JAm It! (Journal of American Studies in Italy)

  • Editor in Chief: Stefano Morello (The Graduate Center – CUNY).
  • Managing Editors: Robert Moscaliuc (Università di Torino); Alice Balestrino (UoI).
  • Public Relation Editor: Iuri Moscardi (CUNY).
  • Section Editors: Claudio de Majo (LMU); Angela Zottola (Aston University); Marco Petrelli (UniBo-UniTo); Nicola Paladin (UniCh).
  • Advisory Board: Anna Marta Marini (Istituto Franklin); Walter Bruno Toscano (UniPi); Emilio Amideo (UniOr); Gaia Aragrande (Unibo); Mirko Mondillo (UniSi); Chiara Patrizi (UniVe); Giulia Sbaffi (NYU); Marco Venuti (UniCt); Francesco Chianese (Independent Scholar); Barbara Miceli (University of Gdansk);