16/08/20 – call for contributions “Intimate Knowledge in American Realism and Naturalism”

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31/08/2020 – call for contributions “The Graveyard in Literature: Liminality and Social Critique”

01/06/2020 – call for contributions “Global Travel, Exploration, and Comparative Study of Empire”

15/03/2020 – New York. Summer institute “abolition”

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15/12/2019 – call for papers Occidentalism: The West since 1945

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02/12/2019 – 4 research grants BAAS for american studies

What, when & where

The awards are offered to scholars in the UK who need to travel to conduct research, or who have been invited to read papers at conferences on American Studies topics. It is intended that the grants be awarded for the study of subjects where the principle aim is the study of American history, politics, society, literature, art, culture, etc., and not subjects with other aims, the data for which happen to be located in the USA.

Up to four awards of £1000 are available. Although there is no specific time limit for the duration of the awards, and it is recognised that awards under the scheme may need to be supplemented, it is not intended that they should be used to supplement or extend much longer-term awards.
British Association for American Studies, BAAS Founders’ Research Travel Awards

The duration of the award would typically expect to be twelve weeks. Applications are invited from persons normally resident in the UK, and from scholars currently working at UK universities and institutions of higher education.

BAAS is committed to promoting best practice in matters of equality and diversity, and will be attentive to issues of equality and diversity when judging applications.

Deadline & how to apply

The closing date for applications is Monday 2 December 2019. Travel must take place between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021. Awards for travel will not be made retrospectively.

The application form can be downloaded here.

You can view the Submission Guidelines here.

Other info, Links & conditions

Successful candidates are required to provide a brief report of their research trip for publication in American Studies in Britain, and they are requested to acknowledge the assistance of BAAS in any other publication that results from research carried out during the tenure of the award. Membership of BAAS is mandatory in order to be eligible to receive one of these awards. Applicants will need to supply their membership number, which can be found by logging into the BAAS website and navigating to Member-BAAS Community-Profile.


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01/12/2019 – Call for papers “Memory of Captivity in 20th and 21st Century Italian Culture”

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15/11/19 – CFP Canadian Association of American Studies at Congress 2020