31/8/21 – CFP: Energy Sources: new collections and heritage

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What, when & where

The Journal of Energy History is bi-annual, open source academic journal, the first dedicated entirely to energy history. It is published online in English and French.

We are looking for contributions for the column ‘Energy Sources: new collections and heritage’, which explores primary resources and collections dedicated to energy. Contributions shall come in the form of short papers, between 3000 words (20,000 characters) and 6000 words (40,000 characters). Papers can be written in French or English.

Papers can focus on any aspect of primary sources and methodologies for the study of energy in a historical perspective. Examples of topics are (without being restricted to):

– Presentation of archives or collections related to energy (from companies’ archives to government energy departments, NGOs, think tanks, oral history collections, etc)
– Presentation of art works (in any form) dedicated to energy
– Description of quantitative dataset on energy with a historical component (consumption, production, etc.) or presentation of projects dedicated to the gathering of data on energy
– Presentation of methodologies for energy studies in a historical framework, from any discipline of social science
– Critique of the methodologies adopted for the production of knowledge in energy studies, whether past or contemporary
– Assessment of the methodologies adopted in published studies on energy history
– Description of endangered, preserved, and reconverted industrial facilities that are or could be incorporated in the architectural heritage of an area
–  Analysis of how energy heritage can help to understand the present and past relations between societies and energy structures

Deadline & how to apply

The deadline to submit the contributions is the 31st August 2021 for the first draft; if accepted for publication, the final draft should be presented by the 31st October 2021. Papers should be submitted directly to the editor of the column, Marta Musso (mmusso@kth.se). Potential contributors are welcome to discuss their ideas with Dr Musso before submitting.

Other info, Links & conditions

It is possible to access the previous articles on the Energy Sources section at this link: http://www.energyhistory.eu/en/sections/energy-sources-news-archives-and-heritage


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Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash