30/7/2021 – CFP: Over the Moon – Representations of the Moon in Literature, Science and the Arts

cfp moon

What, when & where

This one-day international conference, whose materialization has been postponed due to the pandemic, seeks to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon (July 1969). However, the awareness of the manifold representations and the inspirational power of our satellite in what C. P. Snow (1959) designated as “the two cultures” – the humanistic and the scientific – has led us to broaden the scope beyond the history, science and technology of cosmonautics, while remaining within the field of anglophone cultures and civilizations.

This international conference takes place in the scope of the activities pursued by the “Anglophone Cultures & History” research Area and, more specifically, by the strands“Science and Culture” and “Literature and the Media” hosted at CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies). The aim is to study the relationships between Science and the Humanities from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, through the analysis of different strategies of representation of the Moon in the history of science, literary texts, arts, and audiovisual media.

Paper proposals (20 minutes) may focus on, though not restricted to, the following topics:

1. The Moon in Time and Space
The materialization of the Moon dream. Historical, scientific and literary origins
The Moon race (1950s-60s)
The “Cold War” and the geospatial policies of the two superpowers
The Moon in post-war Anglo-American youth cultures, groups and movements
Towards the future: the Moon as a tourist destination

2. The Moon: Myths and Facts
The Moon in/and the Humanities
The Moon in/and the Sciences

3. The Moon: Literature in/and other Arts
The spell of the Moon. Improbable writers
The Moon in artistic creation/production
The Moon as a literary symbol/trope
Representation in science fiction, gothic, poetry, and the popular imagination
The Moon mirrored in the visual arts
Classical and popular music, irrespective of periods, genres, trends and styles
The Moon on/and the screen: cinema, television and audiovisual
The Moon in/and the languages

Deadline & how to apply

Abstract: 300 words (max.)
Bio note: 200 words (max.)
Working languages: Portuguese and English.
Deadline for submissions: 30.07.2021
Deadline for replies: 30.09.2021

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Photo by Sanni Sahil on Unsplash