30/4/2021 – CFP: Urban (Im)mobilities and Borderland Narratives

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What, when & where

Urban (Im)mobilities and Borderland Narratives

Universidad de Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
14-15 October 2021 (Hybrid event)

FRINGE Urban Narratives: Peripheries, Identities, Intersections and the Association for Literary Urban Studies present this joint symposium that will explore inequalities within systems of mobility, with a particular focus on their representation in urban narratives.

Our symposium builds on recent contributions of literary scholarship on mobility (Marian Aguiar, Charlotte Mathieson and Lynne Pearce) and is rooted in the “new mobilities” framework developed by the sociologists and geographers (Miloš N. Mladenović, Catherine N. Nash, Andrew Gorman-Murray, Mimi Sheller and John Urry). This framework is sensitive to the intersecting dimensions of power and discrimination that shape urban kinetic features. We invite scholars across disciplines and geographical contexts with an interest in examining how (im)mobility in the city is constructed and narrated by intersections of race, nationality, disability, class, gender, sexual orientation and other social categories and status markers. We are particularly interested in work that addresses liminal or queer identities, urban borderlands (alleyways, bridges, roads, borders between neighborhoods) and experiences that operate in or between peripheral urban environments, from post-industrial zones in capital cities to (sub)urban environments that are situated outside the canonized capitals of modernity and postmodernity.

​With a focus on narratives (fictional or non-fictional), we welcome papers on the following topics:

– theoretical accounts of space and transport from an intersectional perspective

– the humanities turn in the “new mobilities” paradigm

– urban peripheries and their relation to different mobility regimes and practices

– (im)mobility, marginality and the core/periphery division

– ideologies of movement in the city

– urban queer mobilities

– environmental impacts of urban mobilities

– emerging urban mobility technologies and their representation

– new literary forms or genres to express new forms of mobility

– material and immaterial infrastructures of mobility and their impact on the production, dissemination, and consumption of literature

– narratives of border crossing and liminal urban spaces

– mobile urban sites

​The symposium also seeks to create an open debate platform to rethink and enact research practices that are conscious of the politics and economics of unequal movement of knowledge. For this purpose, we will facilitate an online option for those participants who cannot or prefer not to travel to the venue. In addition, three travel grants are available for scholars with no tenure track, who wish to attend the symposium but whose capacity for movement is impacted by economic factors, typically due to a precarious employment situation.

Deadline & how to apply

Registration is free. To participate, please submit an abstract (300 words) with a short bio to fringe@uah.es by April 30, 2021. Notification of acceptance: end of May 2021. Languages: English or Spanish.

If you think you are eligible to apply for one of the travel grants, please add a brief statement explaining why, and as well as outlining how your paper contributes to the symposium topic and the overall aims of the FRINGE network aims.


Other info, Links & conditions

Info: fringe@uah.es


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Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash