15/3/2021 – CFP: Murderous Sublime: Serial Killers and Serial Spectators

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What, when & where

Murderous Sublime: Serial Killers and Serial Spectators

This global collection of essays – emerging from a session presented at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference 2021 – raises important ethical and aesthetic questions regarding narratives of serial murder. How is the serial killer constructed in World Literature and Culture by invoking or debunking criminological theories and detective genres? Why does a ‘murderous sublime’ dominate mainstream cinema, Netflix shows, graphic novels, and podcasts? On what historical and cultural terms, do these graphic representations of violence vacillate between notions of ‘normality’ and ‘abnormality’ or ‘banality’ and ‘exceptionalism’? We invite 200-300 words abstracts that critically analyze the serial killer as a narrative subject, the banality of violence, or the consumption/complicity of the spectator across various media and cultures. The collection aims to theorize the concept of a persistent witness; a serial spectator who – much like a serial killer persists on killing – persists on consuming narratives of murder. 

Deadline & how to apply

Please add a 100 word professional bio and mail abstracts to the editors Dr. Anhiti Patnaik at anhitipatnaik@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in and Prof. Elana Gomel at egomel@tauex.tau.ac.il by 15th March 2021. Selected abstracts will be contacted by the end of March to submit full papers for publication by 15th June 2021.


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Photo by Edo Nugroho on Unsplash