31/12/2020 – CFP: Diasporic Italy

Diasporic Italy: Journal of the Italian American Studies Association

Journal Description: 

Diasporic Italy is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the Italian American / Diaspora, focusing on timely and varied approaches to criticism and analysis of the field by presenting new perspectives and research on transnational issues. Published by the University of Illinois Press, it is the official publication of the Italian American Studies Association replacing the annual Conference Proceedings. 

Interdisciplinary in nature, Diasporic Italy publishes in all aspects of the arts, humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies, and is particularly interested in comparative studies, pedagogy, and translation. Additionally, the journal encourages submissions on movement to, from, and within Italy conceptualizing all aspects of the diaspora including inter-coloniality and post(-)colonialism.

The journal does not publish creative works outside of translations, nor book or media reviews. Initially, one volume will be published in October beginning in 2021. 

Diasporic Italy: Journal of the Italian American Studies Association

Inaugural Volume (2021) – Call for Papers

Diasporic Italy welcomes original, unpublished articles pertaining to the Italian Diaspora. As the official publication of the Italian American Studies Association (IASA), which includes scholars, teachers, students, artists, and writers, the journal seeks contributions drawn from various scholarly methods and/or perspectives. Diasporic Italy aims to further the discourses that define and/or challenge the concept of Italian diaspora and that study the cultural material(s) related to this endeavor. The journal will consider theoretical perspectives embracing all aspects of the arts, humanities, social sciences,and cultural studies, including comparative approaches. 

All are invited to submit an essay for review to the journal, but only current members of IASA may publish articles in Diasporic Italy; therefore, non-members will be required to join. 

Deadline for the inaugural volume: December 31, 2020. 

For more information about Diasporic Italy: https://www.italianamericanstudies.net/cpages/annual To submit an article: https://ojs-iasa.press.uillinois.edu/index.php/iasa 

Submission Guidelines

To be considered for publication, please submit the following three items in Microsoft Word format as attachments through the University of Illinois Press Journal Submission management system:

1. a copy of the manuscript without any identification of the author, i.e., no title page, no header 

2. an article abstract of no more than 250 words 

3. a brief bio (50 words maximum) should accompany the manuscript in a separate attachment 

Illustrations, figures, tables, and maps should be included at the end of the manuscript; however, you do not need to obtain permissions or high-quality versions upon submission. The manuscript should contain references to the figures (e.g., “insert Figure 1 about here”), and a list of figure captions should be listed as a separate page. Discussion of the placement and inclusion will follow the article’s acceptance. 

Articles should be no more than twenty pages (6000 words) long, double-spaced with font in 12-point Times New Roman, not including bibliography and endnotes in a Word file. (Original article manuscripts and their subsequent revisions should not exceed 7,500 words, including endnotes, words cited, and any appendix materials. 

Diasporic Italy follows the 17th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017). The journal uses the Chicago Style author-date system for citations, with authors’ full names included in the Works Cited list. 

For example: In-text citation: (Lahiri 2016, 146) 

Bibliography entry: Lahiri, Jhumpa. In Other Words. Translated by Ann Goldstein. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.

Process and Timeline: 

Manuscripts are acknowledged on receipt and are evaluated first by Diasporic Italy editorial staff. If appropriate for Diasporic Italy, unidentified manuscripts are sent to two anonymous referees for review. 

The authors will be notified once an acceptance/rejectiondecision has been made. Acceptance or rejection may be outright or under the condition of revision and resubmission for a re-evaluation. Only original manuscripts will be considered that have not been published elsewhere or under consideration by another journal. If an article is accepted for publication, the author is responsible for providing the journal staff with a clean, corrected copy of the manuscript in Word format.

Diasporic Italy will occasionally feature sections like “Commentaries,” “Interviews,” or “Notes,” or shorter works such as biographical sketches, obituaries, reproductions of historical documents, etc. These items should generally be no more than six pages (1,500 words) in length.