26th to 31st July – Virtual Dickens Universe

dickens virtual universe

What, when & where

The Dickens Project will be hosting a virtual Dickens Universe from July 26th to the 31st. While the originally planned program focusing on Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield and Frances Harper’s Iola Leroy will still take place in 2021, this week of online programming will feature a range of conversations that discuss the occasion of the pair and the insights that bringing them together can offer.  Over the course of the week, scholars from Victorian studies and early African American studies will discuss linkages between their respective fields, approaches for addressing race and racism in the classroom, and productive ways to engage with Black studies in the nineteenth century and its transatlantic contexts.  We hope that this will generate excitement to read these two novels over the next year and to join us in Santa Cruz for the full Dickens Universe conference.

Deadline & how to apply

Check here the schedule of the event and register for one or more webinars. You can find a full schedule and registration details on our website.


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