15708/2020 CFC C19 – short essays short essays on biography, history, and evidence, in American literature and culture.

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What, when & where

The editors of J19 are soliciting short essays (no more than 3000 words) on biography, history, and evidence, broadly construed, in the study of American literature and culture.

We are looking for one or two essays to complete a Forum on the topic of biography for our 9.1 (Spring 2021) issue. We’re particularly interested in explorations of questions of evidence—what counts as evidence, how do such standards change over time (if they do), and, for literature scholars, what factors should determine the various ways an author’s life might influence what he/she/they wrote—as well as how the answers to these questions might vary in different contexts, including the classroom, public discourse, and scholarly publications. We’ve seen a marked trend toward the biographical in submissions we’ve received over the last 18 months and think that readers of J19 would be very interested in some explicit reflections on what seems to be a changing critical practice. With this Forum, we’re hoping to inaugurate a more explicit conversation about what interdisciplinary scholars of nineteenth-century US literature and culture do with lived experience and biography generally.

Deadline & how to apply

Please submit completed essays by 15 August to our main submission email (j19@pennpress.org). Because time is short, we are unable to evaluate abstracts but we would be happy to answer questions. We can be reached directly: Stacey Margolis (s.margolis@utah.edu) and Elizabeth Duquette (eduquett@gettysburg.edu).


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