30/04/2020 – CFP: Gender and Empowerment in American History and Politics

We announce that the fourth call for proposals of USAbroad – Journal of American History and Politics, is now available at the following address: https://usabroad.unibo.it/announcement/view/382

For the year 2020, USAbroad invites potential contributors—from Italy, Europe, and around the world—to submit proposals on Gender and Empowerment in American History and PoliticsThe fourth issue of USAbroad aims to understand how straight women as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community have defined empowerment in terms of policy and outcomes, and what approaches have devised to reach autonomy and self-determination in American society broadly defined; how underprivileged people across the entire gender spectrum have found their voice and gained agency through their gender identity and experiences – or despite them; and how traditionally disempowered groups have organized their gendered interests and needs through social movements, associations, unions, parties, and institutions. We are also interested in analyses that use intersectionality as a framework, thus looking at the interplay of gender and race, class, religion, and social background in shaping individuals’ and groups’ activism and empowerment process.


Applicants are asked to submit an abstract of approximately 500 words, along with a résumé including their main publications, by April 30. Please send your proposal by email to: usabroad@unibo.it Applicants will be notified regarding the status of the submission by May 18. The selection of abstracts will be based on a range of criteria including: scientific originality (how does the proposed paper differs from existing literature in the field), use of primary sources (on what sources is the paper based) and adherence to the themes of the call for papers. Abstracts that do not clearly address these three criteria will not be considered for publication. Please note that a final version of the accepted essay must be submitted by September 13.


More info can be found at http://usabroad.unibo.it/

You can also download the Call for Papers in PDF

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