23/2/2020 – CFP: Resisting Identities: Possibilities of (Re)emergence

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What, when & where

Resisting Identities: Possibilities of (Re)emergence
February 23, 2020
Department of English at Binghamton University

The political turmoil taking place on a global scale, such as Chile, Hong Kong, Iraq, Myanmar, and the United States, calls for a close examination of the state apparatus and brings out the urgency of coalescing resisting identities against the tremendous neoliberal authoritarianism. Witnessing the increasing criminalization of migrants and immigrants, queer bodies, religious as well as other minority identities, we search for alternatives that are non-conforming to global capitalistic regimes. Contemplating resistant strategies against the stultifying identity politics as resembled by the U.S. official antiracist liberal-capitalist orders, this year’s Shifting Tides, Anxious Borders conference invites critical insights on the history and future of community forming. We encourage prospective participants to rethink American Studies as an unruly field from different approaches. How do we form a common ground that connects differences? How do we think beyond individualism not only at a contemporary moment but also through the history of abolition, suffrage, and reform? How do communities who are considered as “landless” through music, literature, religion, art, etc., construct their sense of reality? How do we reconsider the notion of identity through different modes of belonging in relationalities? Topics include but are not limited to:

Decolonial Theory
Indigenous Studies
Relationalities and Connectivities
Anthropocene and Capitalocene
Biomedicalization and Technoscience
Community Forming under Duress
Creative Artworks
Critical Adoption Studies
Disabilities Studies
Environmental Activism
Familialism and Kinship
Queer Studies
Racial Capitalism
Social/Political Activism
Slavery and Emancipation
War on Drugs
War on Terror
Whiteness Studies
Women of Color Feminism

Deadline & how to apply

Please submit your proposal of 300-350 words to shiftingborders@gmail.com. With the proposal, include a separate page with presenters’ bios, department affiliations, and technical requirements, if any. Questions or concerns could be directed to conference organizer Chenrui Zhao at czhao24@binghamton.edu.


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