01/01/2020 – call for papers “ExtReme 21: Going Beyond in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Culture”

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What, when & where

Department of American Literature and Culture at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University is pleased to announce the third ExRe(y) conference. A three-day international conference “ExtReme 21: Going Beyond in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Culture“ will be held on June 4-6, 2020 in Lublin, Poland.

We invite proposals for papers and panels that focus on the topic of the (broadly understood) extreme in American and Canadian literature and culture of the last two decades.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

Golden Oscar Raspberry – bestsellers, blockbusters, flops
TL;DR – new forms of cultural/literary expression, short beats long, readership, language change/corruption/development
wow vs. meh – scandal, controversy, normcore, can Sims die of boredom?
extreme -isms (e.g. radicalism, extremism, fundamentalism, conservatism, liberalism)
(post-)9/11 – terror, war, suspicion, discrimination, conspiracy, surveillance, safety, Enduring Freedom?
human dominion vs. bio gaze – the Anthropocene, are we too many?, extreme nature, disaster scenarios, elitist issue?
time shift – human time vs. deep time, real time, 24/7, transience, no time
post/transhumanist aesthetics/ethics
millennial fatigue and the mechanics of overexposure
hyper-/hypo- (e.g. aesthesia, criticism, kinesia, media(tion), reality, sexuality)
architectural (non-)extremes – slums vs. gated communities, eco-/sustainable architecture, smart growth, Extreme Architecture
money, money – crisis, bankruptcy, economic stagnation, vampiric capitalism, Crazy Rich Asians
Everything Is Awesome?
aesthetics of excess
love-hate with globalization
the Internet brain – stupidity vs. infobesity
the game of thrones – Yes We Can, when I search “idiot,” The Breakfast Club rooftop dance
4th wave – HeForShe, #MeToo, #HimToo, backlash
alone together – me-centrism vs. The (Social) Network, digital divide

Deadline & how to apply

Titled abstracts of up to 250 words should be sent to exreyconference@gmail.com by 1 January 2020. All submissions must include a 100-word biographical statement.

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Polish Journal for American Studies in 2021.

Other info, Links & conditions

Confirmed plenary speakers:

  • Prof. Andrea O’Reilly Herrera (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
  • Prof. Aneta Dybska (University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland)

The conference fee of 350PLN/80€ covers conference materials, coffee breaks, and a wine reception.

The last day of the conference will coincide with Lublin’s XIV Night of Culture (Noc Kultury), an annual city-wide cultural event attended by thousands of visitors. As part of the conference, all participants will be invited to join a special evening tour of the city center.

Conference venue: Plenary Room, Faculty of Humanities, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland


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