15/06/19 – CFP 25th AISNA conference”Gate(d)Ways. Enclosures, Breaches and Mobilities Across U.S. Boundaries and Beyond”

25th AISNA conference

What, when & where

Call for papers for the 25th AISNA Biennial Conference
Gate(d)Ways. Enclosures, Breaches and Mobilities Across U.S. Boundaries and Beyond

SDS of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Ragusa, September 26-28, 2019

See the complete description of panels (AISNA_RAGUSA CALL FOR PAPERS per sito (30 panels)) to apply :

  • Panel # 1 Photography and American Culture Within and Beyond Walls
  • Panel # 2 Supernatural Passages Across Enclosures in Science Fiction Literature
  • Panel # 3 Blue-Collars: Racial and Economic Boundaries Inside America’s Working Class
  • Panel # 4 Space, Security, Control, and Containment: Tales of Hope and Despair
  • Panel # 5 Urban Borders: Relocating the boundary to the urban milieu in American Literature and Culture
  • Panel # 6 Contested belongings, border identities, and theNation-State: Arab and Muslim Americans in the 20th and 21st century
  • Panel # 7 Gates(d)ways in “Pre-occupied Spaces”: Exploring Signs of Ethnicity in American Cities
  • Panel # 8 Considering Violence Within Domestic Walls to Pursue An Ethics and Politics of Nonviolence
  • Panel # 9 Decolonizing the Digital Archive
  • Panel # 10 Beyond Bricks and Concrete: Regenerating Walls and Barriers
  • Panel # 11 “There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me”: American music across the wall.
  • Panel # 12 From Gatekeeping to Border Crossing: Translating Americanness for Italian Readers
  • Panel # 13 Milestones in Italian Americana: di Donato’s Christ in Concrete and Puzo’s The Godfather
  • Panel # 14 Dissent: from Walls to Breaches to Bridges of Knowledge and Resistance.
  • Panel # 15 Living in The Shadow of No Towers: Conceptualizing Americans’ experiences and responses in Post 9/11 Trauma Narratives
  • Panel # 16 Walls as Tropes of Separation and Contact in American Literature
  • Panel # 17 The Politics of Walled Geographies/Communities in Contemporary US Cinema.
  • Panel # 18 US Encounters with the Maghreb and the Mashreq: Inclusions, Interactions, Turn Aways
  • Panel # 19 Narratives across borders: generic and epistemological breaches in 21stCentury North-American Literature
  • Panel # 20 The Political and Socio-Cultural Relevance of Frontiers
  • Panel # 21 Children on the Move: Under-Age Migrants and Refugees in the Age of National Security
  • Panel # 22 Crossing borders, challenging America: political space and women’s authorship as an act of resistance
  • Panel # 23 Dwelling on thresholds: exploring, trespassing liminal places.
  • Panel # 24 “Beyond Walls and Enclosures: Social Justice and Literary Experimentalism in Early Black Speculative Fiction”
  • Panel # 25 Tearing Through the Fabric of Things: What lies outside, beyond, beneath the page and the screen
  • Panel # 26 “Cracks in the wall”: the circulation of people and ideas during the Cold War.
  • Panel # 27 Breaking the Wall of Secrecy: the present and future of the Freedom of Information Act
  • Panel # 28 Borders, Mobilities, Minorities
  • Panel # 29 Gateways and Gatekeepers: American Institutions Abroad
  • Panel # 30 Walls and Breaches: Gender, Race and Class within American Society and Politics in the XIX and XX century

Deadline & how to apply

Paper proposals (max. 300 words) should be submitted, together with a brief biographical note, to the Panel Coordinator(s), to the Conference Organizer Gigliola Nocera (noceragi@unict.it) and to the Aisna Secretary Simone Francescato (segretario-aisna@unive.it) by June 15, 2019. Successful proponents will be notified by June 30, 2019. Panels exceeding four participants will be split into two sessions.

Other info, Links & conditions

See the complete call here: AISNA_RAGUSA CALL FOR PAPERS per sito (30 panels)


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