16/9/2019 – CFP: ‘Uncertain Terrain’: Negotiating Identities in the Global Community

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Western Illinois University English Graduate Organization Conference.

What, when & where

‘Uncertain Terrain’: Negotiating Identities in the Global Community

How do you find your place in society without losing parts of yourself? In “Chicana Artists: Exploring Nepantla, el Lugar de la Frontera, Gloria Anzaldúa writes, “Nepantla is the Nahuatl word for an in-between state, that uncertain terrain one crosses when moving from one place to another when changing from one class, race, or gender position to another, when traveling from the present identity to a new identity.” We would like to note that the search for comfort in one’s skin is important and not just a passing wave. The means to define the self has long been a recurring theme in literary discourse. How do the limitations of language influence how we see ourselves? This conference invites us to explore the multiplicity of identities that construct humankind and the complexities of negotiating one’s gender, race, class, ethnicity, and other forms of personal identities as demonstrated through literature, film, television, and other cultural artifacts.

Deadline & how to apply

Please send 250-word abstracts to ego@wiu.edu by Monday September 16, 2019!

Other info, Links & conditions

For further information, please visit our website: http://www.wiu.edu/cas/english/ego/

Registration: EGO will inform you of your acceptance to the conference via email. Once you are accepted, all registration happens on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 8:30am in Simpkins Hall Student Lounge. Registration Page

Price for Presenting: $10 (undergraduates), $15 (graduates), $20 (faculty), which includes breakfast fare and lunch. Registration fee can be paid at the conference in cash, credit card, check, or in advance by post to the following address:

EGO/STD ConferenceDepartment of Englishc/o Roberta Di Carmine1 University Circle Macomb, IL 61455


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