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Feminism and Academia Today: A Graduate Student Forum

Journal of Feminist Scholarship

In its inaugural issue in Fall 2011, the Journal of Feminist Scholarship asked feminist scholars and activists to share their ideas about feminism and feminist scholarship today. Responses from Amrita Basu, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Agnieszka Graff, and more composed a critical forum assessing the state of the field and pushing it into new directions. Now, eight years later, we ask the same question – this time, to graduate students engaging with feminist studies across all disciplines. What is the state of feminist scholarship today?

JFS seeks brief position statements to be published as part of a forum in the next issue of JFS. Statements should focus on graduate student perspectives on feminist questions and experiences with academia and/or graduate school. Questions to consider may include:

What feminist issues shape the experience of graduate students, including labor and economic disparity, mental health concerns, citizenship, work/life balance, or global politics?
What role has the past decade of feminist activism played in academic circles?
Which feminist histories and theories have been most relevant to you in your graduate studies, and why?
What oversights or gaps still exist for feminist studies’ reach into graduate student experiences?
How are feminist spaces created in academia, and how do they contribute to, or impede, intersectional work focused on racial justice, gender justice, immigration justice, and more?
In what ways does the feminist project refuse or embrace the academic industrial complex? And what is the role of graduate students in academic feminist knowledge production?
Does feminism and feminist activism continue to be necessary for graduate education and the graduate experience? What are some models of feminist justice that you will take with you after your graduate studies?

Deadline & how to apply

Brief, 1000-word statements are due by June 1st, 2019. To submit, access the submission portal at our new site: https://digitalcommons.uri.edu/jfs/ Please consult our Policies page and Journal Style Guide for details.

Other info, Links & conditions

Please direct any questions to Kara Watts kara_watts@my.uri.edu, editorial assistant, or to executive editor Heather M. Turcotte hturcotte@umassd.edu.


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