31/7/2019 – CFC: Reclaiming the Tomboy: Posthumanism, Gender Representation, and Intersectionality

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What, when & where

Call for Chapters: Reclaiming the Tomboy: Posthumanism, Gender Representation, and Intersectionality
Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2019
Dr. Jen Harrison / East Stroudsburg University; Dr. Holly Wells / East Stroudsburg University; Dr. Erica Joan Dymond / East Stroudsburg University

We are currently seeking chapter submissions for an edited volume exploring the evolution of the tomboy figure from classic literature through to modern popular culture, through the lens of posthumanist theory. As recent critics have discussed, the figure of the tomboy is complex and multifaceted, represented across many different modes and employing a vast array of different narrative, visual, and rhetorical styles and techniques. Over time, tomboy figures have illustrated a shift in the conceptualization of gender, sexuality, race, and other identity politics and philosophies. In their unashamed breaching of identity borders and boundaries, these figures are the ideal locus for exploration of the way in which posthumanism itself represents an evolution in identity and rights philosophies.

This volume invites cutting-edge literary and cultural studies scholarship, with a particular focus on representation and intersectionality as they are illuminated by posthumanist theory. Submissions of an interdisciplinary nature (humanities and other disciplines) are particularly welcome. Some potential areas of exploration might include (but are not limited to):

Historical representations of the tomboy
The tomboy in news and media representations
The tomboy in education
The tomboy in the professional world
Material culture and artefacts pertaining to tomboys
Bodies and identity within tomboy culture
Postcolonial and ecocritical readings of tomboy representations
Tomboys and the criminal justice system
Violence and the tomboy
Physical/mental health and the tomboy
Tomboys in music, film, gaming, and television

Deadline & how to apply

Please submit a 500-word chapter abstract and a biography of no more than 250 words by July 31, 2019, to reclaimingthetomboy@gmail.com.

All proposed abstracts will be given full consideration, and submission implies a commitment to publish in this volume if your work is selected for inclusion. If selected, completed chapters will be due by December 31, 2019.

The volume is intended for publication with Lexington Books, who have formally expressed interest in the project; we anticipate a final completion date of September 1, 2021.


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