15/05/2019. Call for papers graduate conference “Tempus. Time within and outside the written text”

What, when & where

Call for papers for the graduate conference of “L’Orientale” University of Naples, Ph.D. Course in Literary, Linguistic, and Comparative Studies:
Tempus. Time within and outside the written text

Naples, 2019 October 3rd and 4th
Palazzo du Mesnil, Via Chiatamone 61/62

«Time becomes human time to the extent that it is organized after the manner of a narrative unit, [which] in turn, is meaningful to the extent that it portrays the features of temporal experience» (Ricoeur, 1994). According to Ricoeur, narrative acts are inextricably connected to time, to its issues and its assimilation, and they come with constant linguistic and cultural transformations. «Structures and paradigms change; through language, new words, constructs, and customs are generated; while old words, constructs, and customs are simultaneously erased» (Berruto, Cerruti, 2015).
The Fifth “L’Orientale” University of Naples Graduate Conference intends to investigate Time in its literary, historical, and linguistic possibilities and modes of expression, and also to explore its connections to and theoretical applications within the domains of theater and visual arts. On such occasion, attention will be given to the transformative process investing language and its uses, to the ways in which time and history/histories are rendered in literature, and to the text as a byproduct of contingent socio-cultural conditions, thus encouraging a reading of the time/text relationship as a dialectic one.
Conference themes:

  • Languages in time, time in languages: diachronic variation of languages, representation and perception of time through languages.
  • Temporal evolution of interpretative and translation methods.
  • Linguistic and literary expressions of description and time measurement.
  • Time as a literary and performative strategy for the excavation and preservation of cultural memory and the healing of collective trauma.
  • Time in theater and visual arts.

Deadline & how to apply

Post-Graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and researchers are encouraged to submit an abstract of their work of maximum 250 words (title and references are excluded) in both .doc and .pdf formats,
along with a short bionote (50 words max.) by May 15th, to: orientale.graduateconference@gmail.com.
Each contribution will be allotted a 15 minutes slot and may be presented either in Italian or English.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent via e-mail by July 15th, 2019.
Selected papers, peer-reviewed by members of both the Scientific Committee and the Doctoral Teaching Body will be invited for publication by December 31st, 2019.
The Graduate Conference schedule will include seminaries along with the panels. Participants will be notified after acceptance.

Il Comitato Organizzatore
Daniele Giovannone
Antonio Pascucci
Giuseppe Polise
Marta Maria Sommella
Marina Sorge
Alessandro Carmine Viola

Other info, Links & conditions

Further information about accommodations and the Conference venue will be provided on the university website. For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address orientale.graduateconference@gmail.com.
The Organizing Committee
Daniele Giovannone
Antonio Pascucci
Giuseppe Polise
Marta Maria Sommella
Marina Sorge
Alessandro Carmine Viola


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