30/10/2018 – CFP: Violent Times, Rising Protests. Structures, Experiences, and Feelings

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The Swiss Association for Gender Studies biennal conference @ the University of Berne.

What, when & where

Violent Times, Rising Protests. Structures, Experiences, and Feelings
University of Berne, 12-13 September 2019
Confirmed keynote speaker: Judith Butler, UC Berkeley

Violence is a persistent element of modern history. This notwithstanding, a growing number of people experience today’s world as particularly violent. Are these expressions of violence connected to each other and if so, in which way? How can violence be analyzed in its historic distinctiveness? How to grasp the way it makes people feel?

We seek contributions that analyze violence from a transdisciplinary gender perspective. Violence is not just a central and powerful structuring principle of gender, sexuality, race and class identifications and discourses, it is also part of the fabric of modern societies and structures all social relations. We are particularly interested in work on the multiple ways in which feelings such as hatred, envy, anger, rage, and insecurity impact private and work lives, laws and discourses, at times violently. Importantly, today’s violent times have also politicized and mobilized new publics, generated creative forms of protest, incited the most unlikely coalitions, and emboldened to live life differently. Our aim is thus twofold, first to get a better understanding of structural violence and its multiple – physical, symbolic, economic, affective and epistemic dimensions – and secondly to explore strategies and tactics of being, doing and feeling Otherwise, and visions of a livable life in solidarity.

Deadline & how to apply

Submission Deadline: 30 October 2018

Detailed submission guidelines for both panel and individual proposals can be found here.

Other info, Links & conditions

Contact: conference@genregeschlecht.ch
Conference Languages: French, German, English


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