29/06/2018 – CFP: The Politics of (Post) Truth

The Politics of (Post) Truth
Call for Research Posters
Sunday 7 – Monday 8 October 2018

Keynote – Julian Baggini, author of A Short History of Truth: Consolations for a Post-TruthWorld, in conversation with Ian Dunt, editor of politics.co.uk

Bringing together politicians and media practitioners, students, academics and members of the public, The Politics of (Post)Truth conference seeks to explore how we can understand, and in turn navigate,the rise of what has popularly been labelled ‘post-truth’ politics. This event aims to create bridges between different disciplines, perspectives, and approaches to the concept of ‘post-truth’ and to offer an opportunity to explore and interrogate the emergence of a post-truth world. Cumberland Lodge provides the perfect venue for this conference. This educational institution, based in Windsor Great Park, tackles social divisions by promoting creative thinking and inclusive dialogue and has a long history of bringing different groups together for productive cross-boundary discussion.

The post-truth phenomenon raises difficult questions for politicians, philosophers and the public alike: have we lost trust in the media and other key institutions of the state? How might we rebuild it? Can we reassert the role of academic knowledge in contemporary political debate? How might politicians construct healthier political debate in the face of the corrosion of the ‘truthfulness’ of political, academic and journalistic discourse? Responding to these questions, and in the shadow of the 2016 Brexit Referendum and Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, the conference explores the following key questions:
– How can we better understand‘post-truth’? Does post-truth represent a genuinely new form of politics? And, if so, was there ever a ‘truth’ politics and what led to its collapse?
– What does the future hold for post-truth politics?What role, if any, do politicians, academics and the media have to play in ‘armouring’ politics against the perceived threat of post-truth discourse? Are we in danger of reifying a phenomenon that may not really exist?
The conference welcomes academics and students from all disciplines and career stages. With this in mind, they seek submissions to a research poster competition from undergraduate and postgraduate students (Masters level). They welcome all submissions on the subject of ‘post-truth’. The conference adopts a truly interdisciplinary approach, and we encourage posters that address any issue related to the post-truth phenomenon including, but not limited to,responses from the fields of philosophy, politics and journalism.

Guidelines for submissions

Undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters level) students are encouraged
to createA1 size research posters around the core conference theme of
1 Shortlisted posters will be presented at the conference
where those in attendance will select three finalists.
First Prize £150
Second Prize £100
Third Prize £50
Printing costs associated with producing A1 versions of the shortlisted
posters will be covered by The Politics of (Post)Truth organising committee.
Please note that travel expenses and accommodation costs of shortlisted candidates will also be covered by the

How to submit a poster

They request the submission of abstracts of no more than 500 words in length. This should include a brief summary of
the core content and design of the poster. Please feel free to include supplementary drawings with your description, if
appropriate. Abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by the organising committee. Please submit your abstract by email
to Guillermo Reyes Pascual – gr242@kent.ac.uk – in PDF format. Please include your name and university in the
subject line of your submission email, but do not include any identifying information on the submission itself.

Important dates
Deadline for submission Friday 29 June 2018
Notification of acceptance Friday 13 July 2018
Deadline for final poster submission Friday 24 August 2018
Conference Sunday 7 – Monday 8 October 2018

Organising commitee:
Laura Garcia Rodriguez Blancas, University of Kent
Guillermo Reyes Pascual, University of Kent
Chris Henry, University of Kent
Hannah Richter, University of Hertfordshire
TomWatts, University of Kent
Organising Committee
For all enquiries, please contact Guillermo Reyes Pascual at gr242@kent.ac.uk.

Getting in touch

For all enquiries, please contact Guillermo Reyes Pascual at gr242@kent.ac.uk.

For an excellent primer on how to make effective Research Posters see: kmeverson.org/academic-poster-design.htm

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