CFP – Law and Justice in America: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, EBAAS 2018

Jak Allen and Olga Akroyd are looking for a third panellist to present a paper for the upcoming EBAAS conference on 4-7 April 2018 at King’s College London, University College London and the British Library.

Protest movements and struggles against and within the U.S. court system have played fundamental roles in shaping the country’s legal and justice system. Divisive topics that led to action on the streets would subsequently be resolved in the American courts, with monumental rulings such as Roe v. Wade (Abortion), Brown v. Board of Education (Racial desegregation in schools), and Obergefell v. Hodges (Marriage equality). The political developments within the country over the last two years have now fuelled even greater variety in the way we interpret the development of law and protections of rights through the justice system. This panel aims at exploring the various inter-disciplinary interpretations of American law and justice.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers relating to law and justice in America through any related discipline. Suggested topics could include but are not confined to:
·         Civil liberties and protest movements.
·         Law depicted in film.
·         Law and literature.
·         Constitutional struggles from the Founders to the present day.
·         Progression of law and rights for minorities (Race, LGBT, Religion).
·         Immigration in the justice system.
·         The image of the judge and/or lawyer in American culture.
·         The lawyer’s involvement in other fields of expertise (e.g. Lincoln as a lawyer and politician).
·         International law and the U.S.
·         Perception or comparisons of the U.S. legal system in other countries/states.
·         Law in political science.
·         Law and violence (Rights with police, Death penalty).

If you are interested, please send a 250 word abstract and short bio note (1 or 2 paragraphs) to Jak Allen ( or Olga Akroyd ( by 23 September.

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