Reminder: Seeking 1-2 more panelists: EAAS/BAAS 2018 London (April): A Roundtable on Teaching in Place

Place, Protest, and Pedagogy: A Roundtable on Teaching in Place

Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello is seeking 1 (possibly 2) more participants for a teaching-focused roundtable  exploring the radical (or not) potential of American Studies courses that engage the places in which they are taught. Ideas about place-making, the (potential) for developing pedagogies of protest, the study of protest in place, the idea of reading the landscape and/or palimpsest are all potential topics.
I am a US-based scholar teaching undergraduate courses and am seeking to pitch a roundtable that includes both undergraduate and graduate faculty form at least three countries. Currently, additional panelists are two European- based scholars (one teaching at undergrad/grad level and one teaching also at the secondary level).
Please email Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello by September 10 at with 150 – 200 words about your angle/focus and a brief bio or cv.

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