International Conference: English Literature in the World: From Manuscript to digital / New Pathways

English Literature has been able to reinvent itself along new pathways, from the age of the manuscript to the digital era. In the last decades, the digital technology has changed the paradigms involving both the reading strategies and the analysis of literary texts: among others, the relation between writer and reader; the publication in digital platforms; “distant reading”; the exploration of the image; the abundance of information; the access to the original texts. This enormous change has originated an interdisciplinary reevaluation of many of the previous paths, as well as the launching of new focuses of reflection.
Which perspectives on this new pathway can therefore be built? Which new pathways can be proposed? How are those perspectives articulated with the present transformational demands of Literature into a phenomenology of experience?
The conference welcomes new approaches within the literary studies, according to four large thematic areas:
• Interdisciplinary Crossways in Medieval Literature: Text and Image
• The Renaissance: a Bridge between Two Worlds
• Defining Modernity: from the Restoration through Romanticism
• Reconsidering Modernism and Postmodernism


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