Marco Antonio Loi

Title: MA Graduate

Institutional Affiliation: Independent Scholar
Marco Antonio Loi holds a Master’s Degree in American Literature from Sapienza University of Rome and a Bachelor’s  in Foreign Languages and translations from Cagliari University.
His academic interests include American Literature, Jewish-American Literature, Gender Studies, Film Studies and Pop Culture studies.
He has attended the 23rd AISNA Biennal Conference with a paper titled ‘The Harbor as an Omen in Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep‘ and the 24rd AISNA Biennal Conference with a paper titled ‘Rural America and Revelations in Bernard Malamud’s A New Life and Philip Roth’s American Pastoral‘. He also attended ‘OASIS-Orientale American Studies International School’ with a project titled ‘Re-shaping Modern Jewish-American scene: canonized and outsider authors’.
He is currently working on his PhD Research Proposal that is aimed to analyse Jewish-American Literature of migration and post-migration with the aim of understanding and exploring problems related to the integration of the Jewish community in America during the Twentieth Century.
He is a full member of AISNA, EAAS and IASA and he is Member Editorial Staff of AISNA Graduate Forum as a Communication and Outreach Supervisor.

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