01/07/2018 – CFP “Walt Whitman and William Blake”

For almost two centuries, poets and critics, from Algernon Swinburne to Hart Crane, Allen Ginsberg, and Harold Bloom, have recognized William Blake and Walt Whitman as kindred poets and visionaries, fellow mystics, allied writers in the prophetic tradition. […] However, only a few essays on Blake and Whitman have been published over the past 30 years. This collection of essays aims to advance inquiry into Blake and Whitman’s likenesses beyond impressionism and beyond the terms—prophecy, mysticism, and (to a lesser extent) influence– that have typically framed the rare critical considerations of the two poets in tandem.

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01/08/18. CFP “Symposium on North American Literature and Culture in the Twentieth Century”

From its beginnings in the Naturalism of Dreiser and Wharton, through the Modernism of William Faulkner and the Lost Generation, the emergence of new voices in African-American, Native, and other minority writing, to more recent developments in the commercialisation of publishing houses, the growth of creative writing departments in colleges across North  America, and the giving way of Hugh Kenner’s Pound Era to Mark McGurl’s Program Era, the dramatic history of North America in the twentieth century has been reflected in its literature.

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