8/3/2019 – CFP: Re-Vision: Myth, Memory, and the Gendered Self

What, when & where

8th Annual Art History Graduate Student Conference

The University of California, Riverside
May 25th, 2019
Deadline: March 8th, 2019

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Charlene Villaseñor Black, Professor in the Department of Art History at UCLA

The goal of this year’s conference is to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue through visual and material culture by questioning imposed gendered hierarchies and identities, in order to facilitate inclusive understanding of gendered roles in myth throughout history. This year’s theme concerns re-vision–revising, re-conceptualizing, and seeing differently –as the act of “looking back” to forge new critical directions and critique androcentric world views and traditions. Concepts of gender within oral histories, literary traditions, cosmologies, and visual arts –and the relevance of gender’s constant fluidity –helps to shape our understanding of the world. This understanding becomes a cultural mythology that affects our contemporary memory. Though these mythic stories shape human experience (by informing cultural identity, world views, social structure, self-image), they themselves are not fixed. Continuing in the tradition of rewriting and challenging the historical canon, the reclamation of the distorted-self (distorted by fixed, limiting, and systematized gender concepts) is necessary for the troubling of myth and legend within the visual arts. Questioning conventions, perceptions, and conceptions of gender in art is necessary to recover the agency that mythic images of identity evoke. This conference will explore the ways in which concepts and representations of gender in myth are revised through art and art history. Such re-visioning takes on urgency when images themselves act as sites of active engagement –a dialogue between viewer and viewed –which will therefore serve to restructure human experience, history, culture, belief and understanding. We are interested in the re-evaluation of androcentric mythological imagery, the functionality of gender (theoretically and iconographically), and how gender has been radically reworked within visual culture, which thereby constructs a contemporary memory. Additionally, it will consider how myth and contemporary memory are now being shaped through movements such as the #metoo movement, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ+ community, immigration issues, spirituality, modern witchcraft, and more. It will look at new critical directions and assertions in cultural history and how visual culture is reworked through time, across global traditions –historical to contemporary, mainstream to margin

Deadline & how to apply

We invite abstracts of no more than 300 words for 20-minute paper presentations. The conference is open to all graduate students, as well as the public; there is no registration fee. This event is entirely student-generated and organized by UCR’s Art History graduate students.

Please email an abstract and a CV to ahgsa.ucr@gmail.com by Friday, March 8, 2019.


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Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

17/04/2019 – CFA: Start-up grants Doctoral Program in Literary Studies

The Doctoral Program “Literary Studies” of the University of Basel calls for applications for two one-year start-up grants of CHF 30,000.- each (duration: 1 October 2019 30 September 2020, in two installments, with evaluation), starting 1 October 2019. These grants are designed to make a contribution to the successful applicants’ cost of living while they develop a PhD project in the area of literary studies. We particularly encourage projects that intersect with the thematic foci (“Basis- und Profilbereiche”) of the Doctoral Program. Furthermore, we strongly encourage all applicants to contact potential supervisors at the University of Basel before submitting their application.

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15/03/2019 – HCA master in American Studies

What, when & where

The Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) invites applications for its newly designed four-semester Master of Arts in American Studies (MAS) program.

The MAS is an interdisciplinary program taught in English and aimed at qualified graduate students from Germany and around the world. It provides students with in-depth knowledge about the United States of America from an outside perspective.

The curriculum includes classes in human geography, history, literary and cultural studies, political science, economics and religious history. The unique design of the MAS gives students many opportunities to choose an individual configuration for their course of study, including multiple combinations of disciplines. Individual study plans may concentrate on disciplines from the humanities or the social sciences, or combine both. MAS students benefit from both excellent academic teaching by internationally renowned scholars and an interdisciplinary approach that meets the needs of professional and academic careers. Leggi tutto “15/03/2019 – HCA master in American Studies”

01/03/19 – Call for papers of the Henry James Review Forum: Emotion, Feeling, Sentiment in James: “Sorrow comes in great waves”

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15/03/19 – Washington, DC. 6 postdoc fellowships at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

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DEADLINE EXTENDED – Call for Applications AISNA Graduate 2019


Tu vuò fa’ l’americanista
Ma si’ nato in Italy?

Le attività di AISNA Graduates quest’anno si sono strutturate, moltiplicate e rafforzate. La squadra attuale, organizzata in diversi gruppi, sta lavorando alla programmazione 2019, che si preannuncia già intensa. Perciò di seguito troverai le call for applications per entrare a far parte del comitato organizzativo di AISNA Graduates Forum.

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31/10/18 – call for papers “The Thrill of the Dark: Heritages of Fear, Fascination and Fantasy”

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15/11/18 – HCA Spring Academy on American History, Culture & Politics

The Spring Academy on American History, Culture & Politics is an annual, one-week interdisciplinary conference for Ph.D. candidates at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA). The conference is targeted at at Ph.D. candidates working in different fields of American studies. Leggi tutto “15/11/18 – HCA Spring Academy on American History, Culture & Politics”

01/09/2018 – CFP: Place and Placelessness in Postcolonial Short Fiction

The short story can be regarded as a site of resistance with its particular ability to inscribe places, but also a space in-between where language relates place through the specialization of a common, international language.

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