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22nd October 2019, Palermo University (Italy)


The University of Palermo together with the joint Ph.D. program Studi Culturali Europei/ Europäische Kulturstudien organizes the interdisciplinary graduate conference “IN / VISIBLE: REPRESENTATION, DISCOURSE, PRACTICES, DISPOSITIFS” (University of Palermo, 22 October 2019). The international conference will focus on the different aspects of in/visibility from a cultural, philosophical, literary and artistic, historical and sociological perspective. The chosen working languages are Italian and English.

From their position at the crossroads among the humanities, cultural studies testify to the coexistence of heterogeneous objects, techniques, and forms of knowledge that are heterogeneous. From this perspective, in / visibility constitutes one of the aspects each discipline – from literary criticism to psychoanalysis, from history to gender studies- can somehow shed light on. The road that leads to the investigation of the representation of the in/visible is not univocal, but inherently plural and intrinsically interdisciplinary.

From this perspective, IN / VISIBLE: REPRESENTATION, DISCOURSE, PRACTICES, DISPOSITIFS” is designed as a moment of dialogue between different methodological perspectives that, looking at the in / visible from different points of view, also differ in the omissions and concealments that the choice of each point of view brings.

The international graduate conference also takes part in an academic tradition – that of Palermo and Düsseldorf, precisely – which commits to carry out research on in / visibility across disciplines.

How is the materiality of the visible world inscribed in its cultural representations? What are the more or less visible actors and mechanisms in the genesis of a cultural artifact? Should the visible/invisible binomial be considered as an anthropological constant or as the effect of a certain epistemological constellation? To what extent does visibility coincide with power and, therefore, how should one represent the in/visible? These are just some of the questions that cultural studies, in their innate interdisciplinarity and methodological heterogeneity can formulate with respect to the issue.

Deadline & how to apply

Graduate and postgraduate students are invited to submit a proposal. Abstracts written in Italian and English must not exceed 250 words. Please attach a short bio. Please send your abstract to: invisibile2019palermo@gmail.com. Please write “Proposal graduate conference in/visible 2019”

The deadline for submission of abstracts is set for July 7, 2019. Acceptance or rejection of the proposals will be notified per e-mail to the interested parties by July 20, 2019.

Other info, Links & conditions

Further information and the final programme will be published on the official webpage of the conference invisibile2019palermo.wordpress.com and on our Facebook page. For any enquire feel free to contact us: invisibile2019palermo@gmail.com.


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