Nicola Paladin


Università degli Studi di Trieste,

Adjunct Professor
Nicola Paladin is currently adjunct professor of Americal literature at the University of Trieste, after teaching American-English Language and Translation as adjunct professor at the University of Catania, in the Department of Foreign Languages in Ragusa. He recently defended his dissertation at “Sapienza” University of Roma and is now PhD in “English-language Literatures.” He obtained his master’s degree at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice prior to enrolling as a PhD student. A budding expert on Early American Literature, in particular on the political writings of the American Revolution, Nicola Paladin’s doctoral research focused on the definition of a literary imaginary of the American Revolution, developed from the revolutionary writings and from classic American literature published during the XIX century. Nicola’s area of interest includes also comics studies, with a particular interest on war comics, and the productions of Joe Sacco and Will Eisner. In 2017, he co-edited a volume dedicated to Ishmael Reed.
Areas of interest
American Literature, Early American Literature, XIXth Century Literature, War Literature, Comics Studies

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