05/06/2018 – CFA: 4th Summer School: 27 June – 4 July,2018 – Thessaloniki, Greece

4th Summer School 2018
27 June-3 July 2018
Special Topic:
Discussing Gender: Confrontations and Challenges

This is the 4th Summer School program to take place at the Faculty of Philosophy, AUTh. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students, IB students, secondary education teachers, and the general public.

It is organized with the collaboration of the Department of American Literature, School of English (AUTh), HELAAS and the Fulbright Foundation in Greece.***A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all participants
and a Certificate of Course Completion
will be provided to everyone completing the assigned homework***

The three thematic strands of the six-day intensive (9.30am-3pm) summer school program sessions are:
27-28 June:
From Gendered American Frontiers to Wild Gender Performances
Kristin Jacobson (Professor, Stockton University, U.S.; Fulbright Scholar Spring 2018) and Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis (Ph.D. candidate, School of English, AUTh; Fulbright Alumni)

29-30 June:
Romance Narratives and the New Sexual Revolution: Literature and Publishing in the 21st Century
Catherine Roach (Professor, University of Alabama, U.S.; Fulbright Specialist) and Vasilis Harisis (Ph.D. candidate, School of English, AUTh)

2-3 July:
Men in Tights, Girls in Fights: Drawing the Line on Gender in Comics and Graphic Novels
Christina Dokou (Assistant Professor, University of Athens; Fulbright Alumna) and Cathy Marazi (Ph.D. candidate, School of English, AUTh)

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