Rosita D’Elia

Title(s): Ph.D.


Institutional Affiliations: “G. D’Annunzio” University, Chieti-Pescara, Italy.

Rosita D’Elia (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, English and Anglo-American Studies, “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University,  Chieti-Pescara, Italy) is a member of the Italian Association for North American Studies (AISNA). Adopting  an intercultural method, she did research in various academic institutions in Europe and took active part in international conferences in Italy and abroad (Perugia, Pescara, Belfast, London, Madrid, Cáceres, Paris, Frankfurt am Mein, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc.). Her interests concentrate around the theme of the relationship between literature and music, in the context of Transatlantic Studies, and Arab-American Literature. She is the author of the following essays: “Toni Morrison e la partitura musicale in Jazz. Oralità, Memoria, Riscrittura” in Musica+, n.46 year XI, October-December 2016, Rome, 2016; “La Nouvelle Orléans et le Vieux Carré” in Plaisance, n.39 year 13, Rome, 2016; “Kahlil Gibran and the Syrian-American School: migration narrative and poetics of vision” (in progress).

She is now working on a monographic study about Dantism, Orality, Memory and Re-writing in Toni Morrison.



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