Alice Casarini

Title(s): Ph.D.


Institutional Affiliations: Independent scholar
Dr. Alice Casarini is an independent audiovisual/literary translation scholar and an EN > IT translator specializing in YA literature, subtitling and videogame localization. She holds a PhD and an MA in Audiovisual Translation (2014 / 2008), an MA in European Languages and Philologies (2007), and a BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures (2005), all of which from the University of Bologna. She has also studied at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the University of Paris VII, Imperial College London, and Brown University in Providence (RI). She taught liaison interpreting and translation at the University of Bologna in Forlì (2011-2015) and EN > IT translation and English at Carlo Bo School for Interpreters and Translators in Bologna, Italy (2014-2017). Her research focuses on the perception of American adolescent culture through the dubbing and fansubbing of television series aimed at teenagers (1990-2010), on the evolution of the Italian audience, on the impact of the new media on television production and consumption and on videogame localization.

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